About Me

Hi, I'm Caoimhe and I am the artist behind Willow Wood Lane. Combining two of my great loves in life; art and animals, I specialize in creating highly detailed, realistic pet portraits and wildlife art. 

Each piece I create is truly a labour of love. When working on a pet portrait, I strive to not only portray the soft touch of their fur or the sparkle in their eye, but the true essence of your beloved pets’ personality. I work closely with each client to create a special keepsake of their pet which can be treasured forever.

My medium of choice is coloured pencil. As I pride myself in realism and attention to detail, I love the control I have over each and every line I lay down on paper. I love the wonderful textures that can be created and the overall depth of realism that can be achieved through layering of colour. Each drawing is created on a high quality fine art paper and all drawings are custom mounted prior to delivery. 

I accept commissions from all over the world and always will ensure that your drawing will make it safely to your door. 

If you wish to book a pet portrait of your own pet or as a thoughtful gift to an animal lover in your life, please feel free to get in touch to discuss further. 

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