About Me

Hi, I'm Caoimhe, the artist behind Willow Wood Lane.  Combining two of my great loves in life; art and the natural world, I specialize in creating highly detailed, botanical and wildlife art.  

My medium of choice is coloured pencil. As I pride myself in realism and attention to detail, I love the control I have over each and every line I lay down on paper. I love the wonderful textures that can be created and the overall depth of realism that can be achieved through layering of colour. Each drawing is created on a high quality fine art paper and all drawings are custom mounted prior to delivery. 

I accept commissions from all over the world and always will ensure that your drawing will make it safely to your door. 

When I’m not creating new art or editing children’s books, I love to read, write and spend time in my cottage garden with my husband and two children.