Willow Wood Land & The World of Yesterday

Caoimhe M.Flanagan

Welcome to the enchanting world of Willow Wood Land, where the midsummer celebrations are about to begin. Enter a spectacular realm of fluttering faeries, friendly flowers, wise old trees and unforgettable adventures.
As Aria and her faery friend Lu prepare for the annual ceremony to replenish the land’s magic, Lu disappears through a mysterious door and becomes trapped in the World of Yesterday. Aria embarks on a brave quest to rescue her friend with the help of Queen Aineed. Prepare to be captivated as you join them on this exciting adventure, where the power of friendship and bravery triumph in the end.

An exquisite edition with textured hardcover and gold foil. Every detail of this book whispers of a cherished collector’s item.

Suitable for readers age 7 plus.

96 pages. 35 coloured illustrations. Book size: 179mm by 216mm

Written and illustrated by Caoimhe M. Flanagan.