How to Order

To commission a botanical piece of art, please email me to discuss further. 


To commission a pet portrait, please follow the steps below.

  1. Choose your favourite photo of your pet. A high quality, digital photo is preferred so I can add as much detail as possible. Try to choose an image which you think captures your pets personality best and clearly shows their eyes and fur markings. If you cant decide on a photo, feel free to email a few photos and I will let you know which would work best. 
  2. Choose the size you would like and order your custom pet portrait. 
  3. Email me your photos and a few words about your pets personality. Also include any extra details e.g do you need it completed by a certain date? Or is it a surprise gift?
  4. I will send you a photo as soon as the drawing is complete, to ensure you are happy with it. The drawing will then be carefully packaged up and shipped via courier. 


Sizes and Prices

 Size Price (1 subject)
8" x 10" €260
10" x 10" €290
9" x 11" €290
10" x 12" €320
11" x 14" €350
12" x 16" €400


For two pets or more on the one drawing or for larger sizes, please contact me for an accurate quote. Click below to place an order. 

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